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Online registration open for 2021 Day Season

The 2021 season will commence on the 13th of March and run through until the 28th of August. Grading will commence from the 31st of January for girls aged 11 years and older.

How do I register?

1.    Use the link below to download our Registration pack. Please read this carefully for full information on our season: Dates, the Rangers Code of Conduct and information on training, fees, grading, uniforms, policies and instructions on how to register.

2.    Register with Rangers (follow the links on page 7)

3.    Register to Trial (follow the links on page 7)

If you have any queries, or have difficulties registering, please contact

Louise Conway – louiseconway@bigpond.com

Happy New Year from all the Rangers family, we’re excited for the year ahead.

Registration walk through.

Rego walkthrough help

For first time registrations or perhaps if you are having a few issues.  The intent of this document is to try to help run through of the process to register online for a new player.  There is a place to find existing Netball Queensland players as you go through the registration process.  Please ensure your contact information is up to date when you are registering.   You may need to know your Netball Queensland player ID, however the myNetball site does have a search function to find it.

Hopefully this assists some of  you.