*Grading will be held at SHERWOOD STATE SCHOOL HALL


The Club Grading Policy can be found under ‘Policies’

If unable to grade on the designated times a Grading Absence Form must be completed.

CLUB GRADING (based on the individual abilities to create balanced teams)

Club grading is conducted in a one-off Grading session and may need to be carried over to the first couple of weeks training as we head towards fixtures. To configure the teams for each age group, two club members plus an independent person will watch the player’s individual skills and rate these against other players’ trialing for similar positions. All effort is made to keep teams to 8 – 9 players. In some cases it has been required to carry up to 10 players due to some players having other commitments outside of netball.

Areas that are considered during the trials include:

  • Ball skills and abilities
  • Ensuring balance in team (Shooters, Centre court & Defence players)
  • Keeping friends together where possible>
  • Compare position against same positions

Teams are divided into 7 areas with Divisions within each age group.

  • Net: 5-6 years (skilled based sessions)
  • Set:  7-8 years (non competitive)
  • Go: 9-10 years (non competitive)
  • Juniors: 11 years – 13 years
  • 14/15 Years: 14 years – 15 years
  • Cadets:  16 years – 18 years
  • Senior: 16 years +

The 11 years age group is the first year of more serious grading keeping in mind their young age. It is club policy that players selected in Competitive Age Groups for Division 1 and 2 from trials are the competitive players and will be selected on merit to create the most competitive teams. Less consideration is given to keeping friends together. Players who wish to remain with friends should notify the club committee and be prepared to play in the lower divisions.

WESTERN DISTRICTS GRADING (based on overall team ability)

The club nominates the division for each team, after attending a Grading Meeting will all other clubs.

Junior and 14/15s – will play two half games on the first two fixtures.  Divisions will be reviewed at a second Grading Meeting.

The club (after consultation with the team Coach) is able to submit a request for movements within the same Age Group. Requests must be submitted immediately following the second fixture date and prior to the second Paper Grading Meeting. 

Cadets and Seniors – will be reviewed after the third fixture.

The Club (in consultation with the team Coach)  may submit a request for team movements. Requests must be immediately following
the third fixture.