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Contact the committee via email preferred: rangersnetballclub@yahoo.com.au OR PO Box 2269, Graceville 4075

Management Committee:

  • President: Kate Crisafulli
  • Netball Operations: Leith Sutherland
  • Treasurer:  Lila Singh-Peterson
  • Secretary:  Caroline Preston

General Committee:

  • Coaching Convenor: Meg Crisafulli
  • Coaching Convenor (Non-Competitive): Aunty Roma Pregarc
  • Umpiring Scheduler: Louise Conway
  • Registrar:  Louise Conway
  • Uniform Convenor:  Jo Richards
  • Equipment Officer:  Keiran Gilmore
  • Sponsorship Co-ordinator: Danielle Tyley
  • Web Master: Hema Gopisetty
  • Grants Officer: Michelle McKinlay
  • Volunteer Support: VACANT
  • Communications Coordinator: Lynne Hopman
  • Social Event Management: VACANT
  • Club Photographer: VACANT
  • Presentation Day Coordinator: VACANT
  • Team Photos Coordinator: VACANT
  • Blue Card Coordinator: Eileen Fennelly
  • General:
    • Talya Domic
    • Emily Turner

We still have a number of Volunteer positions to fill. If you would like to join a fun, committed and pro-active committee, please email rangersnetballclub@yahoo.com.au . We’re all working hard together to deliver another fantastic year of netball and would love your help!

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2017
Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2020

Mission Statement

To provide a well organised and enjoyable environment for both social and competitive players.  Our members strive to be loyal and to achieve a high standard of behaviour and appearance.

Club History

Rangers Netball Club was founded by a group of people originally involved with the Police Citizen Youth Club (PCYC). Daph Morse, with the support of family and friends, felt that the size and diversity of the PCYC did not adequately focus on the sport of netball.

After much deliberation about the details, including a name and uniform, Rangers Netball Club was founded in 1979.

Rangers Netball Club was formed with the intent of providing a friendly atmosphere in which to play netball, and provide participation for both competitive and social players. We have always prided ourselves on our sportsmanship and hope that you find all of these attributes still in our club today.

To keep up with the times and legal requirements the club became incorporated in 1991.

Over the years there have been numerous volunteers who have assisted to ensure the club has run efficiently. Some of the women who have dedicated their time to develop this club include:

Presidents: Daph Morse, Vivienne Lloyd, Di Bensley, Jeanette Black, Patti West, Julie Hockey, Sharyn Swaizland, Ron Robinson,  Chery Turner, Toni Vowles and Kate Crisafulli.

Life Members: Lynelle Minto, Vivienne Lloyd, Jeanette Black, Cheryl Harvey, Di Bensley, Leann Nichol, Daph Morse, Chery Turner and Lynda Simpson.

The Rangers Netball Club – Codes of Behaviour is attached.

Privacy Message: The Rangers Netball Club will only use your contact details for club communications.  Your details will not be used for other purposes or provided to other companies or parties.

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