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Wests have asked us to pass this along just his afternoon.  You may have seen it on the Facebook page.  Please look to support this very worthy charity if you can.  We do understand that they are running the collection point tomorrow so time may play a role for some.

If we can suggest – the club now has a new sponsor which is Priceline at Oxley, so this may be a great way to support our new incoming club sponsor and at the same time support the cause.  Just make sure you tell them you are from Rangers.

Some information will be coming out regarding club sponsors as a separate communication.  They have all chipped in to help provide something for the girls which has now arrived and will hopefully be distributed this coming week at training Wednesday night.

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“Share the Dignity is a charity that is working to raise the awareness of the effect on women of homelessness, Domestic Violence, and dire financial circumstances. There are over 85,000 women that need our help!

Donate to a women’s charity that makes a real, on-the-ground difference to homeless women and victims of domestic violence. Share The Dignity collects thousands of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products every YEAR for women experiencing homelessness and poverty. Small dignities make a big difference. They fund funerals for victims of domestic violence and campaign for justice for women in Australia.

The current drive is collecting sanitary items for women in need.  This is something we all take for granted but some women are reduced to using toilet paper, newspaper, socks etc as they simply cannot afford this.  There are even in Australia girls who do not attend school as some families have to make the choice about feeding their families or sanitary items.”

If you can contribute by bringing along any new sanitary items (tampons, pads) for this worthy cause, Wests will be collecting the items this weekend for collection by this worthy charity.

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