It is all happening this Saturday 20 May 2017.  It is……

UMPIRE APPRECIATION DAY:  After every game all Rangers’ teams thank the umpires as we thank the other team for being part of the game.  BUT, this Saturday please take the time for an extra big thanks!

Why become an Umpire?  Umpiring gives the opportunity for everyone to play in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment.  It helps develop those skills that can be used in life – communication, resilience and leadership.  Contact Emily Turner if you would like to become part of Rangers Team White.


WDNA PHOTO DAY:  Usually permission is needed to take photos of your daughter/Club team at netball.  This Saturday you are able to take as many photos as you like.


TRAINING SHIRTS:  Still available for sale through the uniform shop Uniform Shop  Thanks to our Sponsors, AUSFIRST Lending Group, and SNAP Fitness-24-7 Sherwood for helping us to sell them at the great price of $15!! 

Check the website before Saturday for any weather decision updates.  Let’s hope the weather is kind!

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