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Wishing all the Rangers Family a Merry Christmas


And a new year filled with lots of netball fun!


Huge thank you to all those members who donated their old uniforms to the club. Thank you to Mick and Pam Mansfield for organising the collection and transfer of the uniforms – great job guys!  The 1308 Nosegay District School in Fiji have given them a new lease of life – see letter below:


Dear Sir

I hereby write on behalf of the teachers, students and the four communities of Nasegai District School situated in Kadavu Island in Fiji, wishing to convey our sincere gratitude and appreciation of your kind generosity in donating netball uniforms to our school. We are so overwhelmed and fortunate to have received this wonderful gift from you, as it ranges from the smallest size to the adult sizes. The children especially were so excited when they were told to try the uniform and the boys even tried to grab some to try on.

The school had no school sports uniform to wear during school tournaments but the uniform arrived just in time for our district netball and rugby tournament .Parents wondered and asked where the unifoms came from when they saw the children lining up with their new attire. It was the first time the school came in uniformity during the official opening at this tournament. The children wore them with pride. The teachers and parents were proud as well. In addition to this, the adult sizes were being used by our young mothers from the four villages on social club games every Saturday. However all uniforms remained as school property.

Once again thank you and “vinaka vakalevu” for your support.

Attached are some photos taken during the games.

Kind regards

Josua Bici

Assistant Head Teacher