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Our Umpiring Convenor has been busy testing our fabulous group of umpires over the last couple of weeks – apologies’ for not advertising these achievements earlier. Keep an eye out for these girls looking sharp in their official Rangers Umpiring Shirts.

IMG_2582Sophie Jenkins – Welcome to the Rangers Team White “C” Club. After working hard for the last few years Sophie stepped up to the higher level and achieved her National ‘C’ Umpiring Badge. Having shown her confidence of the three rules of umpiring (Positioning, Vision and Timing) on an ‘A” Reserve game – the two independent testers had no hesitation in awarding her this badge. Great effort Sophie – another Bamford/Jenkins IMG_0662joins the club!

Gabby Mansfield – Gabby has assisted her club with umpiring every week for the past couple of years and as a result has taken one more step in her umpiring pathway to achieve her Gold Association Award easily. She looks the goods to go one step further next year. Well done Gab!


IMG_2581Grace Bobbermien – Grace umpires like she plays, giving 100% effort and concentration and improving each week. Feedback is she is a pleasure to coach. Grace achieved her Silver Association Award

Meg Crisafulli – Showing maturity beyond her years Meg has good decision-making and instincts when umpiring. Her umpire coach is thrilled by the way she listens and then implements new skills. Meg achieved her Silver Association Award

IMG_0460Camryn Arnold – Camryn has not only been umpiring every week for a couple of years but she also backs up and umpires her sister’s non-competitive team. She has worked hard and has great positioning on court. Camryn achieved her Silver Association Award

IMG_0484Sophie Smith – new to umpiring this year Sophie has a lovely calm manner with the whistle whilst making good decision.   Each week she has been listening and learning from her umpire coach and as a result achieved her Silver Association Award

IMG_0393Jemila McKinnon – in her first year of umpiring Jemila is a natural and shows good vision across the court. She has even drawn compliment from the Wests Umpiring Committee. Jemila has worked hard each week to achieve her Silver Association Award.


Diary end of season

Team Photo Schedule


AlliraProf_1Thanks to funding from the Qld Government, All members are invited to our CAPS girls session on this Wednesday night.  Special guest presenter is Allira Rogers, Sport & Exercise Psychologist.

  • Date:  This Wednesday 27 July 2016
  • Time:  6pm-7pm
  • Venue:  WDNA Club house
  • Topic:  Keeping our focus, staying strong under pressure; and handling disappointment in netball.

Come along it should be a great session!


After watching that great match by the Firebirds on Monday night we thought we would stick with the Contact Rule.

images-3Anyone wonder why sometimes it appears an attacking player runs straight through their defence and then the Attack is given the penalty pass?

More often then not it is the defence ‘moving into a players space’:

  • 12.2.1
  • Moving into Player’s Space
  • A player causes contact by:
    • (i) Landing in a place already occupied by an opponent before the movement began
    • (ii) Moving into the path of an opponent who is committed to a particular landing space



At the recent WDNA Delegates meeting, Clubs voted to NOT replay the wet weather games which were scheduled for this SUNDAY.


images-1Don’t forget about our SPORTS HEALTH with Kerry Leech, Sports Dietitian, session tonight.

  • Date:  Wednesday 20 July 2016
  • Time:  6pm-7pm
  • Venue:  WDNA Club House
  • Topic:  Kerry will be talking to us about how to fit a healthy lifestyle while juggling school, work and netball


Teal JumpWell the excitement is building for our first game back after the break.


This week 16 July is Umpire Appreciation Day. As we always should please take the time to thank your umpires. They are an integral part of the game! Have a great day Rangers Team White!


Thought we would throw some light on a much-discussed rule – 12. CONTACT. “What is crossing the line when it comes to contact?”

  • 12.2.2 Inevitable Contact
  • Player/s, whether moving or stationary, may not position so closely to an opponent that this player is unable to move without contacting.

So girls get off the body when defending and your penalty count will thank you.


Round 8 Applications opened 13 July.   Here is the link Get Started Application


Thanks to our CAPS program and the State Government we are able to open their next session to all of our members.  We are very excited to announce:



  • SPORTS HEALTH with Kerry Leech.  Kerry is a dietitian and found her interest in food and nutrition whilst as an aspiring elite netball player at the Australian Institute of Sport.  One of her many roles has been working with the Australian Netball Team for the past 10 years.
  • Date:  Wednesday 20 July 2016
  • Time:  6pm-7pm
  • Venue:  WDNA Club House
  • Topic:  Kerry will be talking to us about how to fit a healthy lifestyle while juggling school, work and netball

Another Session to put in your diary 27 July, 6-7pm wit Allira Rogers on Sports & Exercise Psychology.


What a fabulous day it was for our Holiday Clinic.  Big thank you has to go to Lillian Eruera, Caroline Stevens, Kerrie Wilson, Keiran Gilmore, Loretta Bennett and our CAPS girls Nicola Steven, Alanah Jenkins and Sophie Jenkins for volunteering their time to make it such a success.

Especially thank you to all the players who came along and participated with such enthusiasm.  Extra photos can be found on our Rangers Facebook

IMG_1106 IMG_1199