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IMG_2092Disappointed you missed out of a training singlet – we have a few left but better get in quick:  For only $10 – we have 1 x Child 14, 1 x Adult 16 & 2 x Adult 18.


We also have one pair of Size 6 Gilbert Flash 2 Netball Shoes for only $50 !


IMG_2130“What happens if the shooter takes a shot after the umpire blows the whistle to call ‘obstruction’?”  

Our umpires discussed this at their meeting on Wednesday.

Short Answer:  “The shooter is deemed to have ‘taken’ the shot and does not get a second chance”

Answer from the new rules:  “Once a player taking a penalty pass/shot is in the correct position, the player may choose either to play the ball immediately or to wait for the infringer to stand out of play. However, it is important to note that the changes to the rule regarding the taking of the penalty pass do not remove the requirement for a player who is sanctioned for a major infringement to stand out of play.”



Here are the details for all those wonderful Rangers Umpires for our Umpire Catch Up tomorrow night:


  • Date:  25 May 2016
  • Time:  6.00-6.30pm
  • Venue:  WDNA Club House
  • Bring:  any questions or concerns regarding your umpiring


IMG_2505Congratulations to our fabulous Rebekah Rounds who was named MVP at the School Girls Netball State Championships in Cairns last weekend.

She was also chosen to represent Qld in the U19s team at the National Championships.

Well done Bek!


imagesMake sure you get your throw in right tomorrow:  (Fun fact – the rule book is exactly 15 cm)

  • 8.4.1 Requirements for Taking Throw In
  • (i) The player taking the throw in:
  • (a) Stands outside the court with at least one foot within 15 cm (6 in) of the line at the point indicated by the umpire (this foot is considered ‘the landed foot’)
  • (b) Ensures all other players are on the court before releasing the ball
  • (c) Throws the ball within 3 seconds of taking up this position
  • (d) Observes the rules for footwork and playing the ball [Rules 9.4-9.6]
  • (e) May not enter the court (including the lines bounding the court) until the ball has been released
  • (f) May not step behind any offside area while holding the ball.


  • Umpiring meeting scheduled for 25 May (for all our umpires)
  • Basic Umpiring Course – 15 June 2016


images-1Last week was National Volunteers Week and it was a timely reminder how lucky Rangers is to have such wonderful volunteers.

Big thank you to our Volunteer Support Convenor, Tracey McConnell who helped organise the following volunteers last week and thanks to the Volunteers themselves:

  • Tent Set Up:  Brett, Eden & Scott from Rangers 25
  • Tent Pack Up:  Mick Mansfield (like magic by himself)
  • Pack Up Duty:  Heidi & Brooke Rankin, Georgia McNae, Emily Turner, Sharon & Emily Serow
  • Grace Bobbermien without hesitation umpired a second game when an umpire fell sick – Umpire Convenor will be eternally greatful!


Rangers would like to acknowledge our Coaches, for all of their hard work involved in coaching.  To give you a snippet of what they do: A typical season involves the coach reflecting at the start of the season, during/after training sessions, and after games on how the team is progressing. Every Wed night they develop training session plans, which sometimes have to be adapted when players do not attend. They organise a playing/sitting off roster and for those with 9 and 10 players this is a difficult task. They get there early and stay late. They carry around the kit bags, and store them at home. They look up resources, they … And that is not even half of what they do, but most importantly Coaches are there for your daughter/you so that you can play the sport that you love!

If you would like to have a look at our Coaches page we have updated the list of our coaches who have obtained coaching accreditation.  Rangers has applied for a grant and if successful it is hoped that all of our coaches will have their Foundation accreditation by the end of the year.

So on Saturday, please take a moment to thank your coach/es for going that extra mile. And after each training session and game day, please thank your coach for their time. If you think they are doing a great job, please tell them, and/or let the committee know as well if you would like, it’s always nice to hear the positives!



WDNA has been chosen to demonstrate NetSetGo during the break at the Firebirds game this Sunday. Rangers has the opportunity to send 4 players from the Emu division – Rangers 29&30.

IMG_5681 IMG_5680 IMG_5679 IMG_5678







Thank you to the Night Season Rangers 1 team who were very excited to be the officials in the name drawing.

The winners are:
Rangers 29 – Zoe Hopman & Emma Gorge
Rangers 30 – Alexandra Winks & Romy VanBeest

Have a great time on Sunday girls!


IMG_9380Hey guys, Visors have arrived.

Order them on-line and collect them at training.


images-2Show us your Crazy Socks

When:  Saturday 14th May!

Why:  Support WDNA Challenge Teams going to Townsville!

How:  Wear your craziest socks for your netball game for a gold coin donation.

Make your team stand out!!images-2

Prize for the craziest team on each round!!

(Scorers please collect and take to the Admin Counter).