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IMG_7014Last Saturday you may have noticed our Umpire Convenor, Emily Turner, air punching on more than one occasion.  It was a big day for our Umpires – we had four umpires achieve recognition.  Rangers would like to congratulate:

Nicola Stevens, who achieved her National C Badge.  This recognition at the National Level is the accumulation of several years of umpiring with dedicated coaches and supporting her club with umpiring responsibilities.  Nicola’s calm control  of the game was clearly evident which was acknowledged by the examiners.  Well done Nicole!

IMG_7023Sophie Jenkins, received her Gold Association Award.  After achieving Silver last year Sophie took on more responsibilities and further coaching to go one step further this year with a Gold Award.  Great job Soph!

Alanah Jenkins, received her Gold Association Award.  Not to be outdone by her sister, Alanah also took on the challenge to improve her umpiring and was rewarded with a Gold Award.  Great effort Alanah!

P1020733 (2)Gabby Mansfield, received her Silver Association Award.  Gabby has been quietly supporting her club by umpiring every week and putting into practice the skills her coaches have taught.  The examiners were particularly impressed with Gabby’s positioning – one of the most important skills in umpiring.  Well done Gabby!



IMG_1007Our A Grade girls, who were new to the team this year, received their “Special A Grade Shirt”. This is a tradition that was started in 2011 to acknowledge players who have worked hard to reach our top team.  (Bit of a delay with the supplier I’m afraid.)

Congratulations Nicolette, Emily, Kaitlyn and Sarah


Don’t forget your photo envelope with $15 for photo – no change given tonight.

images-1As with game days, please do not park in the ‘DROP OFF ZONE” on Waratah Avenue.  Leave this area clear to ensure a safe place for our players to be dropped off at training.


Don’t forget it is team photos tomorrow night at training so wear your uniform.  Check with your coach if you are training as well.  Scheduled times are below – please check as there has been a slight adjustment:

Time Team No Time Team No
5.00 30 7.25 15
5.10 29 7.30 1
5.20 27 7.35 4
5.30 31 7.40 14
5.40 26 7.45 13
5.50 25 7.50 12
6.00 24 7.55 11
6.10 23 8.00 10
6.20 22 8.05 9
6.30 21 8.10 8
6.40 20 8.15 7
6.50 19 8.20 6
7.00 18 8.25 5
7.10 17 8.30 3
7.20 16 8.35 2



  • 20 June – Tomorrow is photo day – so all those members wanting to get some snaps of your players, bring your camera.
  • 24 June – Wednesday is Team photos at training – so remember to wear your uniform.  Attached is the schedule for teams.  Team Photos Schedule2
  • 1 & 8 July – During School holidays there will be no training unless advised otherwise by your coach.
  • 18 July – First fixture after the holidays

This Sunday is the ANZ Championship Grand Final with our magnificent Qld Firebirds –  it is on TV and will be a fantastic game.  GO FIREBIRDS!


BBB_5238-200x300It is all about the Firebirds this week so for all those budding Laura Geitz’ out there our Rule of the Week is for you:

Question: Why do Goal Defenders sometimes get called for ball contact, and other times it is the Shooter?

Answer is found in Rule 17: Contact. This applies across the court, if a defender is three feet and they get their hands over the ball the attacking player must move the ball around the defender ie cannot push the ball into her hands.  Also the defender cannot force her hand down onto the ball.

17.2           In an effort to attack or defend or to play the ball a player shall not:-

(iv)                 place a hand or hands on a ball held by an opponent;

(v)                  knock or remove the ball from the possession of an opponent;

(vi)                 while holding the ball push it into an opponent



Ranger Wet WeatherDue to the weather training has been cancelled.



AFA Financial Orange BG_smlRangers would like to welcome AFA Financial Group as a sponsor of our club. Some families may be familiar with AFA as they are long standing sponsors of varying junior clubs – including Taylor Bridge Rugby, Bullsharks and the Albany Creek Crushers. On high professional levels AFA has provided sponsorship for the Brisbane Roar and the Brisbane Bandits.

AFA has a diverse range of financial produces including car/equipment finance, residential / investment lending, financial planning, superannuation reviews and consolidations, personal insurances to name a few.

So if you are in the market for some financial assistance (and lets face it who isn’t) contact our new sponsors, Richard – Ph 07 351 7800 – Mobile 0432 890 344 – Web

Mention you are a Rangers family and AFA will reward our club.


This week’s rule of the week comes from that fantastic game by the Firebirds on Sunday.

11350441_845527962169010_2578606622921326459_n“Why did Gretel Tippett NOT get called for contact when the Swift player hit the deck?”

The reason (correctly called by the umpire): “ the Swift player ran into the space that Gretel was committed to”.   Answer can be found in: Rule 17.2

Rule 17: Contact

  •  17.1          No player may contact an opponent, either accidentally or deliberately, in such a way that interferes with the play of that opponent or causes contact to occur.
  • 17.2           In an effort to attack or defend or to play the ball a player shall not:-
    • (i) move into the path of an opponent who is committed to a particular landing space;


No games this weekend while WDNA rep teams fight it out on the Gold Coast in the Suzuki State Age Championships.

Congratulations and good luck to our Rangers girls who will be competing:

  • 13 Yrs – Grace Bobbermien;
  • 14 Yrs – Sophie and Alanah Jenkins;
  • 15 Yrs – Rebekah Rounds, Rebecca Fonoti, Milja Spasojevic, Nicola Chase;
  • 18 Yrs – Cherie Smith