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Rule of the Week:  16. Obstruction

IMG_0957To continue from last week ‘s rule of Obstruction – we had a beautiful future Rangers girl demonstrate how far three feet really is.  That is one of our 3 feet sticks which is about the same height as our model – it is further than you think.

Rule 16.4 (see rule below) put simply you cannot be within three feet of a player with or without the ball if your arms are outstretched in any way not for natural body balance with three exceptions.

16.4 Obstruction of a Player not in Possession of the Ball.

16.4.1 A player is obstructing, if within a distance of 0.9m (3 feet) measured on the ground from an opponent without the ball, any movements are employed by that player, whether attacking or defending, which takes the arms away from the body, other than those involved in natural body balance.

Within this distance a player is not obstructing if the arms are outstretched:

  1.  to catch, deflect or intercept a pass or feint pass;
  2. to obtain a rebound from an unsuccessful shot at goal;
  3. momentarily to signal for a pass, or to indicate the intended direction of movement



The hoodies and new supporters T-shirts have arrived and will be available for collection tonight at training.  There was a slight mix up by the Hoodie Lady (she who shall remain nameless) and the zip up varieties did not arrive.  We did however receive some white pull-over hoodies if anyone would like to purchase one of those.IMG_5996


IMG_0936Big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers who helped on bbq and canteen duty.  As usual Rangers members turned out to help and on several occasions were turned away as there were too many.  Special mention to Brendan Behan who scored the 7AM time slot.  There was only had a glitch with one time slot.  Thanks for ensuring Rangers good reputation was upheld.













UnknownThis week Rangers is on Canteen and BBQ duty.  Emails have been sent out allocating teams with time slots for volunteers (close to your game times). If you would like to remove your volunteer pass please contact us with availability.   Please help us fulfil our Association duties.



HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY MEGAN – One of our Rangers girls is celebrating her 18th birthday today.  Only seems like yesterday that Megan started in the nettas.  Hope you had a great day!


Rangers has a zero tolerance of abuse of officials as per our Codes of Behavour found under ‘Policies’ on the website.  If you disagree with an official, raise the issue through the appropriate channels rather than question the official’s judgement in public. Remember, most officials give their time and effort for your child’s involvement.  

IMG_5926And the umpiring just gets better at Rangers.  Congratulations to Anna Humphreys, who received her Association Gold Award .  Well done Anna, great reward for your hard efforts.

Rule of the Week:  Skipping to one of the most talked about rule in Section 3 Rule 16:  Obstruction

16.1 An attempt to intercept or defend the ball may be made by a defending player if the distance on the ground is not less than 0.9m (3 feet) from a player in possession of the ball.

imagesWhen the ball is received, this distance is measured as follows:

  1. If the player’s landing, grounded or pivoting foot remains on the ground, the distance is measured from that foot to the nearer foot of the defending player;
  2. if the players landing, grounded or pivoting foot is lifted, the distance is measured from the spot on the ground from which the foot was lifted, to the nearer foot of the defending player;
  3. if the player is standing or lands on both feet simultaneously and remains grounded on both feet, the distance is measured from whichever is the nearer foot of that player to the nearer foot of the defending player;
  4. if the player is standing or lands on both feet simultaneously and either foot is lifted, the other foot is considered to be the grounded foot from which the 0.9m (3 feet) distance is measured.

Happy Umpiring!




camera_cartoon_CA01P004WDNA have advised that ‘Photo Days’ for 2015 are:

  • 20 June

Night Season 2 – New season starts this Monday 18 May.  Some teams still need players so anyone interested please contact us ASAP.  It is great fun at reasonable prices.

Rule-Book-Image_EditedRule of the Week:  Thought we would go back to the beginning of the rule book under Section 1 3.2 Scorers.  Two important points are that the Scorers should be together (preferably in the centre between the courts) AND it is the Umpires job to keep the centre pass and the scorer can only notify the Umpire upon request. 

  • 3.2.1 There shall be two Scorers for each game working together. 
  • 2.2.2 The Scorers Shall:
    1. before the start of play, record the names of up to twelve (12) players, on of whom shall be the Captain;
    2. record goals scored for each team as they occur;
    3. record any suspensions and/or ordering off which may occur
  • 3.2.3 The Scorers shall call the Centre Pass if appealed to by an Umpire.


images-2Looks like it is going to be another beautiful day for netball tomorrow.  Rangers has WDNA roster of Netta Courts Pack Up and End of Day Pack Up.  For those who would like to remove some of your volunteer pass or just lend a hand – here are the duties below:

Club Volunteer Duties – Netta Court Pack-Up

  • after the 11.30am round is finished, remove the Netta hoops and post padding. You will need the T-Bar (stored behind the lattice near the toilets) to remove the hoops.
  • Return the hoops and hang them up on the lattice near the toilets
  • Return the post pads.
  • Pick up any rubbish around the Netta courts and bring the rubbish bin up to beside the clubhouse.

Club Volunteer Duties – End of Day Pack Up

  • return yellow post padding from light poles to the shed
  • collect any red post padding that has been forgotten by teams and store in the shed.
  • Clean up any rubbish left around the main courts, netta courts and the public park behind the clubhouse.
  • collect all wheelie bins from the grounds and public park behind the clubhouse and put them along the lattice in front of the toilets. Check bin has been returned from Netta courts.

Umpires News:

We are very lucky to welcome three new Nationally Badged umpires into the Rangers Umpiring team.

IMG_0813 IMG_0869 IMG_0874Maryline Richards







Rachel McDonell                                       Johanna Moore

Make sure you give Maryline, Rachel, and Johanna a big Rangers welcome next time you see them.

Rule of the Week:  Seemed to be confusing some people on the weekend so thought we would do Throw Ins. To put it simply you must approach the line where the umpire indicates but NOT place your foot on the line.

18.4 Throw In:  The player thowing the ball in shall:

  1. ensure that all other players are on the Court before taking the Throw in;
  2. stand outside the Courts and place one or both feet immediately behind the point where the ball crossed the line;
  3. throw within three (3) seconds of taking up this position;
  4. observe the rules governing footwork and methods of playing the ball;
  5. not enter the Court (which includes lines bounding the Court) until the ball has been thrown;
  6. not step behind any offside area whilst still in possession of the ball;
  7. throw the ball into the nearest Third of the Court from behind the Goal Line, or the nearest or adjacent Third from behind a Side Line


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to a great Rangers girl – talented, dedicated, always showing sportsmanship with a smile, and if that wasn’t enough she is kind and thoughtful as well. Have a great day Stephanie Dyer! IMG_1038 U13 Div 1- Rangers 2007 FullSizeRender


Orders for Hoodies (new white zip up front and original navy pullover), Supporters Tshirts, track pants and all other optional items must be made by today.  No further orders this year.  So get in quick!  Go to the  Uniform Shop

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