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Well the cooler weather is upon us so that means it is time to order the hoodies. We have a couple of new items in our Uniform Shop this year.

  • White Hoodie with zip up front, with same logos as our traditional one.  Great for umpires and anyone else that likes the zip up version.  Cost:  $45
  • Supporters Tshirt 3Supporters Tshirts – 100% softer feel cotton.  Available for both men and women, with the option of white or navy.  Logo shown here but pic of the actual tshirt can be seen in the online shop.  Great way to show support for our club or as a training shirt.  Cost:  $18

Don’t forget our usual Hoodies, track pants and shorts.  To order go to our Uniform Shop Online Shop and order away!

Orders close:  4 May 2015  (items will take approx 2 week to arrive)


There was plenty of excitement at training on Wednesday night.

IMG_0822 IMG_0828There were boxes full of NetSetGo balls ready to be handed out to the non-competitive teams to practice with on our weekend off.  They lined up nicely to collect them and then politely waited to pump them up.  Very cute!

The coaches were not left out as they received their brand new match balls.

IMG_0835 IMG_0851 Last but never least our aspiring Umpires who completed their Basic Umpire course run by our A Badge Umpires, Susan Bamford and Caroline Stevens in March were presented with their certificates by Umpiring convenor Emily Turner.  Hope they have all completed their on-line exams.  Congratulations to:  Erin Jones, Grace Bobbermien, Meg Crisafulli, Gabby Mansfield, Georgina Wood, Leisa Sharp, Kellie Charlesworth, Leith Sutherland, Nicole Ross, Brianna Fitzgerald, Grace Craig, Camryn Arnold, Louise Conway, Rebecca Bligh.

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Training news:

  • Training is on tonight unless otherwise advised by your coach.  No game this Saturday due to Anzac day.
  • There will be a surprise for all non-competitive teams tonight
  • New courts for team training COURT-TRAINING-PLAN-NEW
  • All those who completed Basic Umpiring Course to meet at 6.30pm
  • With the weather cooling down we will be putting in an order for hoodies and track pants.  Stay tuned for some new items to the Uniform Shop….


Ranger Wet WeatherMonday night fixtures have been cancelled due to the weather.


IMG_0768Well the holiday is over and we are back on the courts tomorrow.  Yay!

Rangers is on Set Up Duty (putting out post pads etc) tomorrow so if anyone can lend a hand before the first game head up to the club house for instructions.

Just to get everyone in the mood here is the:

“Rule of the Week”

13.6.1 Short Pass – (i) On the Court: at the moment the ball is passed there must be room for a third player to move between the hands of the thrower and those of the receiver.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow and HAVE FUN.  GO RANGERS!


RANGERS EASTER 2Rangers would like to wish you all a Happy and Safe Easter – especially our lovely A Reserve team who were there to support our A Grade last Saturday.  Check with your coaches regarding your next training date.



Well the courts are dry and the BOM is clear so we will get one last training in before the holidays.   Bring a jumper as it might get cool.