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For those teams with 8 in their division – it’s semi finals tomorrow.  Rangers has eight teams into the finals – What a great effort!  The following teams will fight it out to progress tomorrow:

  • images-1Rangers 3 Senior Div 3 @ 3.15pm
  • Rangers 6 – 14/15 Div 2 @ 2pm
  • Rangers 9 – 13Yrs div 1 @ 12.45pm
  • Rangers 12 – 12 Yrs div 1 @ 10.20am
  • Rangers 13 – 12 Yrs div 2 @ 11.30am
  • Rangers 14 – 12 Yrs div 4 @ 10.20am

GO RANGERS!!  Come down and support our teams !

The following teams have one more fixture but are looking good to finish on top of the ladder:

  • Rangers 7 – 14/15 Div 5
  • Rangers 8 – 14/15 Div 6

Big shout out to Rangers 2 and Rangers 5 who narrowly missed out on making the top four!


“Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”

IMG_3850The Challenge Carnival figures are out and the wonderful volunteers for Rangers provided 61.5 hours of time to help our associations carnival be a success.  This equate to 61.5 points which is just over $1,000!!!!  These $s can be redeemed from WDNA for our club in coaching/umpiring courses, sports equipment or credit on cost of lights etc.  So thank you, thank you thank you to the following wonderful volunteers:

Nic, Richard and Levi Ward, Tessa Boonman, Niamh Howard, Yvonne Boonman, Kim Rogers, Anna Cottell, Caroline Stevens, Judy Rice, Emily Turner, Anne Hillard, Jasmine McMullough, Michelle Roberts, Danelle and Milja Spasojevic,  Debra Fearon, Luci Ridgway, John Fearon, Roxanne Dyer, Amanda Davie, Michael Simpson, Brett Leaso, Graham Dyer, Rebekah Rounds, Pam and Gabby Mansfield, Sharon Serow, Iestyn and Amelie Thomas, Liza and Ril Peapell, Lynda Simpson and Chery Turner (there were also a few members who were turned away as we provided too many – hard to believe!!)


Let’s not forget those great Canteen/BBQ gurus who ensured our canteen duty was fulfilled.  We may be biased but were they not the most efficient and good looking for the year?   Thank you to:

Deidre Rutherford, Geoff Day, Kim Peabody, Shona Brice, Jo Allen, Bess Sellars, Andrew Webb-Jolly, Margie Loveday, Angela Read, Eloise Bennett, Keiran Gilmore, Brett Leaso, Michael Simpson, Deb Fearon, Georgia McNae, Courtney Mansfield, Annette Leaso


Training is still on for the 6.30 and 7.30 rounds unless otherwise advised by your coach.


Ranger Wet WeatherDue to this annoying rain we have decided to cancel the 5.30 round of training only ie all non-competitive teams.  As it is finals or last training for some teams we will make a decision on the 6.30pm round closer to the time. Check the website later for details.


12465864721766670831player-holding-trophy.svg.medDon’t forget to have your say by nominating a member and/or team to acknowledge their achievement for the year.

Just click on this link Award Nominations  Nominations close at 12 midnight.


Rangers is hosting a Level 1 Umpiring Course.  For our members wishing to attend we are offering to subsidise this course.  Please contact us for details.

imagesDate: Sunday 31 August 2014 (Yes this Sunday!)
Time: 9am-1pm
Venue: WDNA
Cost: $55
Register: Via Netball Qld Website (
(Registrations have to be done by 10am Tuesday 26 August. We have to get ten participants or they will cancel)


Ranger Wet WeatherWell done to all our teams who braved the wet weather to play today. Our girls looked great in the wet – breed them tough at Rangers.   Nice to see the new ‘all weather’ courts lived up to their name with minimal slipping.

IMG_0404Congratulations to Emily Serow who celebrated with her team when presented with her Umpiring Shirt.  Emily attained her Umpiring Gold Association Award last week.  The examiners commented that Emily has the skill to work towards to her National Badge.  Great effort Em – must be in the genes!

Wet weather – no problem!

IMG_0394 IMG_0397


All non-competitive games have been cancelled.  The rest of the games will be decided round by round.

Netta &Net Set Go cancelled

WDNA have advised that netta and net set go games only have been cancelled


We are seeking nominations for our Annual Awards to recognise outstanding achievements. These Awards will be presented at our End of Year Celebrations.  Nominations Close: 26 August.

Don’t delay click on the Link to nominate one or more members  Award Nominations

Presentation Day