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Week 12 Draw

Please find attached the draw for week 12; 28th July 2012


The weekend bought the sunshine and some good results for Rangers.

Caitlin O’Meara from Rangers 6 was complimented by the Springfield Lakes coach for her good calls and commendable umpiring skills.  Good job Caitlin!  Thank you to Emily Turner who has been helping the Rangers 6 girls with their umpiring on Saturdays.

Rangers 10 (11 years div 1) after racking up several drawn games for the season, had a convincing win over Raiders.  Coaches Linda Jenkins and Sue Bamford were proud of their girls for holding their composure against some questionable play.  Well done girls – showing true Rangers spirit!

Rangers 1 (A Grade) showed why they are in the top four teams in the comp by easily taking the win against Kenmore.  Our young players should come down at 1.00pm on Saturday and see some great skills in action and support our top team.

Ranger 22 by Coach Susie James – After a few weeks of wet weather and the cancellation of the Netta games as well as training, Rangers 22, the little baby Possums of the Rangers club, played their little hearts out. This is the first year of netball for all the girls, many of whom have not even had their 7th birthday yet!! Throughout the season they have tried so incredibly hard, but came up against girls who have played before, or were much bigger than them, or who were older than them. At such tender ages of 6 and 7, an extra year can make a big difference. Up until Saturday the 21st of July, the little ones had only scored 2 goals all season despite trying their best every week. 

 So…..when we scored 5 goals on Saturday (or was it 6??…..hehe the Netta games don’t score, but nevertheless we got more goals than our opposition), the little Rangers Possums were just overjoyed with pride and sheer happiness! You could not wipe the smiles off their sweet faces, and their enthusiasm for the game was restored. It really was a magical moment for all the girls (and let’s face it, the parents too!!!!).  

As the coach, all the endless encouragement week after week after not scoring during the games, has been worthwhile. These girls are so tiny and have been up against competition far beyond their developing skills, but that hour on Saturday just goes to show what patience, encouragement, a few cuddles, and lollipops can achieve!  I know my daughter was so chuffed for the rest of the weekend, and to top it off, she got her front tooth knocked out during the game which resulted in 5 bucks from the tooth fairy……….it doesn’t get much better than that when you’re a 6 or 7 year old!!

A special mention to all the parents who have continuely encouraged their daughters, encouraged me, and cheered Rangers 22 on to achieve what we thought we wouldn’t see this season. 

What a proud coach these little Possums have made me!


A big thank you to all those people who helped on the canteen today.  A lot of people generously volunteered their time which made a large job very easy.  We can be proud of Rangers being a great supportive club.  We may not make Master Chef but some of the best Canteen People around!

Thank you:  Gabrielle Van Gilst, Lucy Dymalla, Lucy Hunter, Nic Ward, Nicole Pilling, Amanda Curran, Anne Ringlestein (twice), Mary Anne Curtain, Shelley Gunn, Sarah Leamont, Sharon Myers, Mil Davy, Michael Simpson, Chelsea Saldumbide, Kathleen O’Brien, Emily Turner, Sarah Blythe, Anne Hillard, Emily Hillard, Amanda Hillard, Jo Cope, Wendy O’Meara

GAME 21 JULY 2012

Don’t forget we are on Canteen Duty this Saturday – see roster below.

The fixture in the post below was incorrect.  Mostly the Netta teams were effected.  Your coaches are aware of the correct times.  Rescheduled Draw for 21 July No2


Not only will we be playing this weekend but we are also on Canteen Duty.  This is not a difficult task but it does require many people to give one hour out of their day.  We would appreciate any help (even if you are not rostered) you are able to give – if you are able to help the senior teams in the afternoon please let me know.  Below are the teams and number of volunteers required:

Fixture for 21 July 2012 is attached Resheduled Game – Round 5

Time Team No No of Volunteers
9am-10 Rangers 10

Rangers 8

Rangers 14




10am-11 Rangers 9

Rangers 13

Rangers 20




11am-12 Rangers 5

Rangers 7



12pm-1 Rangers 1 & any other volunteers


1pm-2 Rangers 2 & any other volunteers


2pm-3 Rangers 4


For safety reasons please ensure they are wearing closed in shoes (no thongs allowed).  Each person assisting on the day is also required to sign in/out.


The rain has increased so all training is cancelled tonight.  We just can’t seem to take a trick.



Due the courts being very wet and it still drizzling we have cancelled the 5.3o training session.  We will make a decision on the 6.30 round at 6.00pm.


Wests have just confirmed that there will be a game next Saturday.  Therefore we will not play the Wet Weather Game (which is the game that was cancelled due to rain) scheduled for Sunday 29 July.   We will now be playing on the  21 July and 28 July 2012.

CONGRATULATIONS to the A Grade team and their coach Lynda Simpson on their win over Raiders today.  They went into the game as underdogs but showed true Rangers spirit to lead from start to finish.  This ensures they are in the top 4 of the A Grade.  Well done girls you deserved that cake!

Rangers 2 played a great game in the following round but narrowly went down to Centenary after leading for most of the game.  This team has improved out of sight as Centenary beat us quite convincingly in the first round.  The girls showed great sportsmanship and were complimented by the apposing team on what a great game it was to play.


Draw attached.

Wet Weather draw for Round 11 14 July 2012 in PDF foramt.


The weather has not been kind once again.  Wests have called a Wet Weather Draw for tomorrow.  All Netta rounds are now cancelled ie Bilbies, Koalas & Possums.  Games for all other teams will commence at 8.15am and a draw will be posted soon.