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It has finally happened – Night Season 2 registrations are open. To register follow the link from the top tab ‘Registrations’. Don’t forget to choose 2016 Night Season 2.

IMG_1412Cost: $160 annual fee (not paid if you play day season or the first night season) +$70 season fee. Day season girls it is a great and cheap way to stay fit.  Not to mention great fun!
First game is this Monday (9 May) so get your team together and register NOW!

Night Season Games this week

Night season games this week – this is not training or grading but for our registered night season players.

Div 1
6.30pm CRT 9 Rangers NS 1 vs Centenary NS 1
Div 2
7.30pm CRT 9 Rangers NS 2 vs Rangers NS 3
Div 3
7.30pm CRT 11 Centenary NS 4 vs Rangers NS 4
Div 3
7.30pm CRT 7 Centenary NS 5 vs Rangers NS 5


images-3Are you sad that day season is coming to an end?

Well cry no more.  Night Season 3 is now taking registrations.  This is a great option for day season teams who would like to keep playing through to December and it is also very reasonably priced.

happy-faceCost:  $85

Registrations close:  7 September

First Fixture: 14 September

Register now at: Rangers Registrations


camera_cartoon_CA01P004WDNA have advised that ‘Photo Days’ for 2015 are:

  • 20 June

Night Season 2 – New season starts this Monday 18 May.  Some teams still need players so anyone interested please contact us ASAP.  It is great fun at reasonable prices.

Rule-Book-Image_EditedRule of the Week:  Thought we would go back to the beginning of the rule book under Section 1 3.2 Scorers.  Two important points are that the Scorers should be together (preferably in the centre between the courts) AND it is the Umpires job to keep the centre pass and the scorer can only notify the Umpire upon request. 

  • 3.2.1 There shall be two Scorers for each game working together. 
  • 2.2.2 The Scorers Shall:
    1. before the start of play, record the names of up to twelve (12) players, on of whom shall be the Captain;
    2. record goals scored for each team as they occur;
    3. record any suspensions and/or ordering off which may occur
  • 3.2.3 The Scorers shall call the Centre Pass if appealed to by an Umpire.


Ranger Wet WeatherMonday night fixtures have been cancelled due to the weather.


It has finally happened – Night Season registrations are open.  To register follow the link from the top tab ‘Registrations’.  Don’t forget to choose 2015 night season 1.

  • Cost:  $80 annual fee (not paid if you play day season) +$85 season fee.  Day season girls it is a great and cheap way to stay fit.

First game is this Monday (9th Feb) so register NOW!


WDNA Night Season 2 registrations are now due.  This is a great way to keep fit in a social competition.  Register online at

Cost $120 for 17 games including umpiring cost  (+Annual Fee of $70 – not payable if you play day season or Night season 1)

First Fixture – 14 July 2014 – time alternate between 6.30 & 7.30pm

Get your team together and register now.


Please be advised that the nomination date for the Night Season and Fast 5 Competition has been extended to Monday 15th of July, and the Competition will now commence on Monday July 22nd.


Night season registration are due 28 June (tomorrow).  Any day season players that are interested in playing it is very good value ($65 in a team of 9 for 17 games) and a great way to add some extra training.

Anyone interested please email


Night seasonCongratulations to Rangers 2 who last Monday competed in the Night Season 1 Grand Final.  The team consisted of Julie Brown, Tracey Crowhurst, Chery Turner, Emily Turner, Suze O’Brien, Grace Fearon, Katie Lightfoot, Hayley Curren and Amanda Curren.  The other team adapted to the cold conditions better then our girls but the team were happy with their “runners up” pen and glass of wine to celebrate.

NIGHT SEASON 2 is just around the corner …

Teams need to register by:  28 June 2013 and the first game is 8 July 2013.  Semi Finals: 11 November 2013 and Grand Final 18 November.  The cost for day season players is very cheap ($560 for the team for a 17 week season) – a great way to get in extra training for the day season competition.

As well as normal games for night season WDNA are running a “Fast Five” comp.  Details below.

Anyone interested in playing night season please email details to before 26 June 2013.