It is all happening this Saturday 20 May 2017.  It is……

UMPIRE APPRECIATION DAY:  After every game all Rangers’ teams thank the umpires as we thank the other team for being part of the game.  BUT, this Saturday please take the time for an extra big thanks!

Why become an Umpire?  Umpiring gives the opportunity for everyone to play in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment.  It helps develop those skills that can be used in life – communication, resilience and leadership.  Contact Emily Turner if you would like to become part of Rangers Team White.


WDNA PHOTO DAY:  Usually permission is needed to take photos of your daughter/Club team at netball.  This Saturday you are able to take as many photos as you like.


TRAINING SHIRTS:  Still available for sale through the uniform shop Uniform Shop  Thanks to our Sponsors, AUSFIRST Lending Group, and SNAP Fitness-24-7 Sherwood for helping us to sell them at the great price of $15!! 

Check the website before Saturday for any weather decision updates.  Let’s hope the weather is kind!


Team Photos:  Remember to wear your uniform to training.  Attached is an updated schedule for times for photos  Team Photo Schedule

Training Shirt:  Yippee!  Shirts have arrived – all paid orders will only be available at training.

Wet Weather:  With the recent wet weather, it is timely reminder that the Club will make a call for training at approximately 4pm and post it to the website and Facebook.  Training is on unless otherwise notified.

Parking:  Wests have sent a reminder that it is illegal to park in a drop off zone or across a yellow line. There has been too many complaint regarding people parking in these areas when they are clearly marked. The council will now be notified of any car parked illegally and fines will be issued.  Also no one is to park in the WDNA car park on a Saturday other than committee and life members.

Netball Training Cancelled Today (7:30 – 8:30)

Tonights netball training from 7:30 has been cancelled due to the wet weather.


Good luck to all our teams tomorrow as we get back on the court.

CANTEEN DUTY:  Rangers is on Canteen Duty this week.  Only one Volunteer per team – must be over 15 and wear closed in shoes. Check out when we need you, we would appreciate your support.  Roster attached  Canteen Duty 2017


  • 17 May 2017.
  • Don’t forget to wear your uniform  to training as we will be having team photos in the club house.
  • Attached is the schedule of times for each team Team Photo Schedule
  • Cost of Photo is $15.  Envelopes will be handed out on the night and due back before next week OR bring your money tomorrow and finalise on the spot.


We would like to welcome our new Carnival Convenor, Keiran Gilmore to our committee.  Kieran is a Rangers mum and coach and has taken on the role to keep teams up to date with Club Carnivals.  She has already sent out some information to coaches but if you have any questions please contact her via the email.


Basic Umpiring Course:  2nd week of the course.

  • Date:  3 May 2017
  • Time:  6pm
  • Venue:  Club house

Training & Games:  Training continues tomorrow night.  Game on this Saturday. Please check your time as there have been some team divisional changes.

See you all there!


Mother Nature is against us. Training cancelled due to the rain. No game this Saturday. See you next week! 


We have a big training planned for this week and can’t wait.

  • Date:   19 April 2017
  • Next Fixture:  22 April 2017
  • Sausage Sizzle: after each training round to celebrate our return from holidays
  • Raffle:  Prize is a Rangers Match Ball signed by all 10 Firebirds!




  • Basic Umpire Session:  
  • Date:  19 & 26 April
  • Time:  6.00-6.30pm
  • 1st of 2 sessions
  • for 12 & 13 Years girls


Uniform Orders:

We have extended the date for our Training Shirt Orders ($15) – ORDERS NOW CLOSE 19 APRIL.  One time offer – so don’t miss out!  Thanks to our sponsors AusFirst Lending Group and Snap Fitness Sherwood.

Don’t forget if you want a hoodie ($45) – This is our one and only order for the year.  So stay warm at netty this season and order before 19 April!


Go to Uniform Shop



Thanks to our fabulous sponsors AusFirst Lending Group and Snap Fitness Sherwood we are able to offer these Training Shirts for $15.

This is a one time only offer.  ORDERS CLOSE 13 APRIL – So order now at our uniform shop Uniform Shop  so you don’t miss out.

With the weather finally getting cool we will also be placing a Hoodie order.  We only order these once a year so if you’d like one – order before 13 April.


What a great success our Skills Clinic was today.  Fabulous to see so many players out having fun and improving their skills.  Thank you to our head coach, Lily Eruera, also Danelle Spasojevic, Kerrie Wilson, Lynne Hopman and Fiona Bird for helping make this event possible.


Well here is an interesting read …..
Players and spectators often complain about the one decision an umpire gets wrong.  But think about this:
A standard game of netball is 60 minutes. In a game of netball, the ball has to be passed at least every three seconds. This results in the ball being passed, at an absolute minimum, 1,200 times a match. Every time a player catches the ball, an umpire has to check seven things involving the player with the ball and their opponent (footwork, contact, how they got the ball, obstruction, offside etc.).
Almost simultaneously, the umpire has to look down the court and check other players are in their correct areas and are not blocking each other in their attempts to move. This could involve scanning 10 different players, while keeping one eye on the player with the ball and their opponent.
So that’s seven things involving the player with the ball, plus potentially another 10 players to watch, each with three actions involved (contact, obstruction and offside). That’s 38 different actions to watch for per pass, including the held ball rule. 38 times 1,200 passes equals 45,600 decisions umpires make per match. Even if that figure is split between the two umpires, that’s still 22,800 decisions each.
22,800 decisions a match! And that’s assuming players take the maximum three seconds to pass the ball. The real figure is probably much higher.  Puts it into perspective!