• Date:  6 August 2014
  • Time:  6.15
  • Venue:  WDNA Club House


  1. Opening, recording of attendance and apologies
  2. President’s address and welcome
  3. Notice of motions


Constitution has been prepared to clarify the proposed rule changes. All items in blue text are the intended modifications to the current Office of Fair Training ‘Model Rules’ all text in black is the current legislation and as such cannot be altered and will not be discussed at this meeting. Members may view a copy of the new proposed constitution here  01 V2 Ranger Netball_July _Rules of Association

The consultant who has prepared this document on our behalf has made herself available to members, therefore if you have any questions and or quires please contact her direct at

SUMMARY of CHANGES: The new rules will ensure the club operates according to the legislation and most importantly ‘Modern Club Management Principles’. The changes support: volunteer succession; transfer of knowledge; increased volunteer support (protection from burnout set timeframes and designated rest periods); increased financial accountability and transparency; clear roles and responsibilities for all to name just a few. 

  1. RESOLUTION 1:Accept the new constitutional changes as circulated, discussed and determined by the members at this meeting and any spelling or grammatical error correction that don’t change the intent for final draft.
  2. MOTION 1:Secretary forward the new Rules of Association as passed by members to OFT within 30 days
  3. MOTION 2: If the rules have not been approved by OFT by the 2014 AGM the members require that the Management Committee positions and applications be applied in line with the requirements of the new rules.
  4. Close Meeting:


Thanks to the funding provided by the Queensland Government, Rangers Netball Club has been able to acknowledge our umpires with the gift of a white, “Rangers Style” Umpire Shirt and hat.

IMG_3991At training on Wednesday night our Accredited Umpires, Susan Bamford, Caroline Stevens, Nicola Stevens, Allanah Gardner, Sophie Barton, Anna Humphries, Emily Turner and of course our Umpire Convenor Sharon Serow, were presented with these essentials for umpiring with their teams to congratulate them.  See our Facebook Rangers Facebook for photos with their teams.

IMG_3996 IMG_3995 IMG_3993







NET SET GO 2 – Sign on for the second round of Net Set Go (5-7 year olds) is this Saturday at WDNA from 11.30-1pm.  The season goes from 26th July – 13th September.


IMG_3910_2Due to popular demand we will placing another order for Hoodies.  Cost = $40.

Order them on-line at Uniform Shop.  No orders accepted after 21 July 2014.

Get in quick!


Well done Western Districts – we showed the State how to put on a carnival.  Thank you to all our families who made it a success by helping with set-up, pack-up or cheering for the girls.  Well done to all our Rangers girls who competed.
























A wrap of the day:

  • 12 Yrs Red – Kate and Lauren Ward finished the day with a 50/50 win ratio.  In a strong division they finished 5th from 10 teams.
  • 12 Yrs Black – Grace Bobbermien & Meg Crisafulli WON THEIR DIVISION – great effort by our girls.
  • 13 Yrs Red – Sophie Jenkins started the day with a win and lost the next by 1 goal in what was one of the best games of the day -with Sophie in the ‘C’ bib they looked good.
  • 13 Yrs Black – Imogen Cottell had a great carnival and her team finished 8 from 17 teams.  From the side lines I lost count of Imo’s intercepts.
  • 14 Yrs Div 1 – Lillian Sleiman  also had some exciting games and with the many spectators cheering wildly they played some great netball.  They knocked off the top team today but finished 4th from 14 teams.  Great effort!
  • 15 Yrs Div 1 - Briana Hura WON THEIR DIVISION!  They went through the Carnival undefeated.  Well done Briana, Rangers is proud of your efforts.
  • Umpire – Emily Turner had a long three days with the whistle and received compliments from officials for her efforts.  She was lucky enough to be coached by our own Rangers National A Badge Umpires, Susan Bamford and Caroline Stevens.  Thanks to all the Umpires at the Carnival.



With the lights finally turned off at the Challenge Carnival after the last game at 7.30pm our tired netballers headed home before they do it all again tomorrow on the last day.

Don’t forget Rangers is on Pack Up duty between 2pm-4pm tomorrow. Anyone willing to help come on down and get some points for our Club.

We may be biased but we thought the Rangers girls looked the best on court today. Particularly nice to see was all the support from other Rangers girls and their families.  See more photos on  our Facebook page

Here is an update from the day:

IMG_3871IMG_3865Lauren & Kate Ward (happy birthday for today girls) team 12 Yrs Red – are right in with a chance having won 3 from 6.

IMG_3857Grace Bobbermien and Meg Crisfulli’s team 12 Yrs Black had a great day and are at the top of their ladder with 5 wins and 1 draw

IMG_3834Sophie Jenkins’ team – 13 Yrs Div 1 struggled in a very strong competition but were competitive throughout the day

IIMG_3801mogen Cottell in 13 Yrs Div 2 are sitting at 7th from 17 on the ladder so anything could happen tomorrow.


Lillian Sleiman in the 14s Div 1 looked impressive today and are 3rd on the ladder.


Briana Hura – 15s Div 1 team have been undefeated so looking good for tomorrow.

Emily Turner – our newly badged National Umpire was asked to umpire at the Carnival and has been doing Rangers proud.


Well the Challenge Carnival is this weekend and our Wests teams and especially our Rangers girls competing are excited that it is finally here.  Why not come down and watch/support our girls competing – it should be a great competition. Really too much netball is never enough!

Rangers is on Set Up Duty on Thursday 10 July.  So any volunteers who are free during the day from 8.00am please come down and help.  We are also rostered on for Pack up on Sunday 13 July from 2pm.  Don’t forget Rangers receives points for your time which can be used to help our club.

To ensure we receive the points the volunteer must sign in and out when they volunteer. The sign in sheet will be at the Club House window beside where we collect score cards normally. So don’t waste that volunteer time sign in when you arrive and say you are from Rangers.

But wait there is more – if anyone (especially Challenge parents) who want to volunteer during the weekend, eg Canteen Duty you can receive free car parking and the club receives the points. Just take your parking ticket, which you will receive once you have paid, and when you sign out from your volunteer shift they will refund your money. You must do two hours volunteering to get your money back.  So don’t forget to sign in!



WDNA Night Season 2 registrations are now due.  This is a great way to keep fit in a social competition.  Register online at

Cost $120 for 17 games including umpiring cost  (+Annual Fee of $70 – not payable if you play day season or Night season 1)

First Fixture – 14 July 2014 – time alternate between 6.30 & 7.30pm

Get your team together and register now.


NQ-2014-Carnival-Logo-Challenge-Apr14The Challenge Carnival is an opportunity for Association Representative Teams from all over the state to come together and compete.  This year it is being held at OUR Association at Graceville.

Western Districts is asking all clubs to help make this Carnival the best ever, by volunteering our time and in return they will provide our Club with reward points.  We will be able to spend these points on light fees, coaching courses or umpiring courses.

Rangers girls competing in the carnival are: Sophie Jenkins, Imogen Cottell, Kate Ward, Lauren Ward, Grace Bobbermien and Meg Crisafulli

Rangers has selected Set Up duty on 10 July and Pack Up duty on 13 July.  A roster has been forwarded to your Manager/Coach.  If you are able to help please contact them as soon as possible.   So come on, help support our Association and our players by volunteering to-day!



If anyone noticed our Umpire Convenor, Sharon Serow, smiling today it was probably because we had three girls accredited for their Umpiring.

IMG_3694Congratulation to Emily Turner from our A Reserve team who received her National C Umpiring Badge.  The examiners commented on Emily’s calm and confident manner and singled her out for someone who can go much further with her umpiring.  It has been quite a few years since a Rangers member has received a National Badge so well done Em!

IMG_3707Nicola Stevens, from our 13 years Div 1 team achieved her Association Gold Award.  She showed all the hall marks of a strong umpire with a loud whistle and clear loud voice.  Great work Nicola.

IMG_3189Another Umpire who has been quietly improving her skills every week is Anna Humphreys’ who obtained her Silver Association Award today.  Anna who plays in Rangers 6, ensured her court position enabled her to control the game.  Congratulations Anna.

Well done to all our Umpires today – without you the game does not go on!

Rangers wishes everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday  - We have reached the half way mark so we have a well earned break.  Next fixture is 19 July 2014.  Check with your coach if you have training this week otherwise next training is 16 July 2014.

Don’t forget to tune in to the ANZ Championship Grand Final tomorrow with the Queensland Firebirds up against the Melbourne Vixens.  GO FIREBIRDS!


One of the largest under age events for the year has been packed up - in attendance were 47 Associations, 1550 players, 155 umpires and over 300 coaches.  Our girls played in some tough conditions with Townsville unusually wet and cold- naturally they were equal to the task. In true Rangers spirit great to see so many of our parents making the trip to support the girls – and I hear had a few laughs as well.


Congratulations to our Intermediate players (Rebecca Fonoti, Rebekah Rounds, Milja Spasojevic, Savannah Tkatchenko, Micaela Ward) whose team won the 14s Div 1 Competition – Best 14s Team in the State!  Well done to Wests 13s Div 1 with our Alanah Jenkins who didn’t top the ladder but showed great improvement.  Big mention to Savannah and Cherie Smith (16s Div 1) who were injured but did what Rangers does best and supported their team.  And lastly but never least, well done to our Rhylee Spasojevic who was representing MacGregor at the Carnival.